Tabitha's Blog - A brief review of my new laptop


A brief review of my new laptop

Recently, I bought a new laptop as my old 8th Gen Dell Inspiron was... tired. It was not only literally breaking in half, but the battery life was measured in minutes and not hours under high load, which it almost always was due to it's weaksauce CPU.

In its stead I got an Acer Aspire 5, specifically the model A515-57-58W1. This is a SKU specific to Brazil, with a few oddities in of itself:


Writing this one was a doozy, the pictures kept breaking. Totaled to one commit on the website itself, and 12 for the markdown!
Wow they did a wonderful job with the heatsink lol. Also idrk what a "Linux Gutta" is, all the search results were in Portuguese.
jesus christ i hate laptops lmao. also thanks for making me switch to fedora missus tabby
The Other Other Panda Girl
Good lord, if the hardware came looking like that, I'd be scared to learn what the hell the "Linux Gutta" OS it came preloaded with has going on... Re Jess: All the results being in Portuguese probably points to it being a Brazilian native Linux Distro, which would explain why it's on the Brazilian model.

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